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tv   Headline News  RT  June 16, 2014 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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i was. coming up on r.t.e. as i says marches toward baghdad the u.s. weighs its military options the pentagon has ordered ships to the region and some u.s. workers have been evacuated from the embassy will discuss the crisis in iraq with the former governor of minnesota jesse ventura just ahead. ukraine's president says he will propose a peace deal with m.t.v. of groups in the eastern part of the country. as russia cuts off gas supplies over ukraine's outstanding bills more on that coming up. and the f.b.i. is the focus of a good moment hearing from the five men accused of planning the nine eleven attacks r.t. is that ford need to listen in on the hearing and we'll tell you why the f.b.i.
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is actions are under scrutiny all the details later in the show. it's monday june sixteenth four pm in washington d.c. i mean you're a david and you're watching are to america we begin today with the latest in iraq violence is sweeping the country as insurgents again a stronger foothold in the north. one by one iraqi cities are falling to an islamist militant group that's determined to move forward in taking control of baghdad the blue dots show the cities isis has seized recently last week mosul and to crete fell to rebel fighters and just you.
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yesterday militants took control of tal afar which is just west of mosul the takeover of tal afar came just as sunni militants claimed that they had massacred seventeen hundred iraqi security forces and in doing so they posted graphic pictures of a mass execution and to create as evidence and warning of more killing to come back here in washington the state department announced yesterday that it had reinforced security at the u.s. embassy and was relocating some of the u.s. embassy staff to more stable places in and outside of the country at the same time the obama administration has been considering its approach to the situation right now it says everything is on the table from u.s. iranian military cooperation to unilateral airstrikes joining me to discuss the next moves for the u.s. is former minnesota governor and host of off the grid jesse ventura thanks for joining me. my pleasure so we're seeing these militant groups
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claimed just over the weekend that seventeen hundred iraqi forces were massacred that's an astronomical number very alarming does the u.s. have an obligation at this point and deescalating the conflict. well i don't know you know let's go back to the iraq war and how it started i mean it was based upon lies to begin with when the united states entered that war way back in two thousand and three we were told weapons of mass destruction and ties to al qaeda they all turned out to be false they were all totally bogus and so we go in there we overthrow saddam hussein we occupy them for ten years and now it's all falling apart again well do you want my honest opinion if the united states of america is going to go back into iraq i think george bush and dick cheney should lead the way they should be the first two on the ground in iraq leading now leading us back in there all right all multiple cities have fallen on acknowledged and the rebels are
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quickly gaining control of much of the northern part of the country now based on the non-fan we're seeing right now what implications for the u.s. if baghdad actually falls to the a third then i mean i don't know you know to me it's them forming their own countries you obviously got muslim movements the shiites the sunni's they don't get along they haven't gotten along for thousands of years and they've created these middle eastern countries that put them all together maybe we should look at this is an opportunity for the middle east to create their own countries to where these religions can all have their own separate countries and that way maybe it'll bring some sort of stabilization and and this ludicrous wars that go on there for years and years and years in other words i'm saying maybe it's time for the rest of the world to butt out and allow them to settle their differences themselves these are civil wars going on. so let's go back to two thousand and eleven the official
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pullout of u.s. forces from the country critics now say that the president should have left a residual force behind after combat or or perhaps should have focused more on iraqi prime minister maliki and his approach to sectarianism in transitioning out of out of iraq obviously there's should they have gone in in the first place but in transitioning out could the u.s. have done something differently to avoid the chaos that we're seeing right now i don't think so this is all internal this is iraq this is religion this is religion fighting itself over there what could be united states possibly do to intervene and make it right and again we are the ones that caused all of this we caused it by destabilizing the iraqi government when we invaded caused war invaded the country occupied it overthrew its existing government show you know it doesn't surprise me
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but remember i lost a job at m.s.n. b.c. because i oppose the war nobody was opposing the war back in zero three and lo and behold i look like a shoe sale or today don't. hurry let's talk about what options are on the table for the u.s. right now secretary kerry said recently that the u.s. would be open to discussions with iran over what to do and it did not rule out military cooperation with the country what are the implications of us working with iran in this situation. well you know what i think it's wonderful that aspect of it but why should we be working with iran against other muslims over there why can't we stay out of it and allow them to solve their own problems these are religious problems you don't want to get caught up in religion and it's problems trust me then and other military action that haven't yet been rolled out of course that
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administration are airstrikes and drone strikes i what are your thoughts on the united states moving forward unilateral unilaterally could this really do more harm than good in the end yes i think it absolutely could every time we have a drone strike we create that many more quote terrorists it seems we're out there trying to create terrorists so we have someone to fight because that's all these drones are doing and as i understand it in reading scales book they're operating in about fourteen countries right now with these drones how would we feel if another country flew drones in our country would we allow that of course not you know i'm a believer in major general smedley butler the two time congressional medal of honor winner wrote the great book war is a racket smedley says we need to pass a constitutional amendment that the u.s. troops cannot go over five hundred miles from our border we should pass that
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because we have the capability to blow up anything in the world why do we need our troops spread out all over the world and us policing the entire world we've got enough problems in our own backyard why aren't we taking care of the united states problems instead of the world problems do you think it could ultimately create some blowback. the hall absolutely it's going to everything we do over there helps to create blowback we are the foreigners we're the ones sticking our nose in their business let me give it to you this way i love to tell this story when the united states was discovered for the anglo-saxon world columbus came here on a mission he was trying to find a way to india by avoiding the middle east now this was five hundred or more years ago they were avoiding the middle east shouldn't we time to learn something why columbus and columbus was willing to defy science because at that time they
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believed you'd fall off the earth that it was flat but he was willing to fall off the earth rather than go through the middle east i rest my case so former secretary of state hillary clinton stated in her recent book hard choices that voting for the iraq war is one of her biggest regrets she now admits that she said quote i thought i had acted in good faith and made the best decision i could with the information i had and i wasn't alone in getting it wrong but i still got it wrong plain and simple as more politicians reverse their stance on the iraq war and do you think their new outlook could influence the u.s. response to the current crisis here. well it won't matter unless it's to save their political jobs let's remember that that's why hillary's doing this now that's why she's coming to grips at the time they were all on board because if you weren't on board you were called unpatriotic if you didn't vote to go to war in iraq you were
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considered unpatriotic jesse ventura knows that label well because i was speaking out against the war before it happened and i was labeled unpatriotic for doing that so they're just being typical politicians they're lifting their finger they're holding it up to the wind to find out where public sentiment and how they can save their political careers the great thing about me as an independent i didn't care about a political career i did what i felt was right or wrong i'm pleased hillary has come out and said that but why did she voted back then she voted it to save their political hind dems because they would have been labeled unpatriotic and they'd lost their next election and for them democrats and republicans it's all about getting elected over and over and over again well she certainly has her eye on two thousand and sixteen that's for sure i want to switch focus for a minute here i think it's our take on another story that's garnering had lines
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we're learning that the obama administration has been asking local police departments to stay mum about their use of a controversial program called sting ray a program that mimics a cell tower so police can track data and movement of cell phone users in the area we knew about the technology which is stunning really but are you surprised to learn about the obama administration's involvement in this. no i'm not because in our united states of america ever since nine eleven our government has been operating like the constitution and bill of rights are suspended they don't exist they passed the patriot act that should be called another name it should be called the treason act because it's direct treason against the constitution and bill of rights and how can they pass laws that are higher than the constitution and bill of rights nothing should be higher than the constitution and the bill of rights we have three facets of government the executive legislative and judicial they're all
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breaking down they're all not doing their jobs because they're allowing the constitution the bill of rights to be over ran like the document doesn't even exist and passing the patriot act is exactly that it's treason to the constitution and bill of rights and yet they overwhelmingly keep renewing it our greatest fear in this country in my opinion of losing our freedoms is from our own government it's not from an outside entity it's from those democrats and republicans sitting there in washington and of course we still don't know how this information is being collected and who is being targeted we've heard reports that broad swath of people have just their information has been picked up in big neighborhoods and and ask yes as they can tell us this information because a disclosure would result in the agency's inability to protect the public from terrorism and other criminal activity so what do you make of their act when they send. i think it's full of holes terrorism you've got about as much chance of being
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hit by a terrorist as a citizen of the united states as you do winning the powerball. you know they they make us believe there's a terrorist hiding behind every tree they make or what this is this is a way to support the military industrial complex just like the domino effect of communism back in the fifty's sixty's and seventy's now it's the wood then it was the war on drugs now it's the war on terror it's all done for the same reason to support the money making of war that's all war is about is making money and they have to be pigs at the trough and get fed and this is the way to do it frighten the public and then get them to support i mean it's ridiculous when the united states of america spends more on defense than the other twenty five nations combined all of which except one i think are supposed to be our allies we have enough military
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we are the best military in the world no one can compare to osh we don't have to constantly be proving it all or a host of off the grid and former minnesota governor jesse ventura thanks for weighing in on that thank you i appreciate it and now to ukraine where president petro poroshenko has called for a truce in the eastern part of the country a region where government forces face a rebellion by and take you have separatists in a statement to security chiefs portion goes says he has ordered government forces to regain full control of ukraine's border with russia this week once the frontier of security says a temporary cease fire should be observed in efforts made to agree on a peace plan meanwhile russia is cutting off oil supplies to ukraine a state owned gas giant gazprom told ukraine it has to pay up front for gas after key have failed to settle its huge debt artie's marina closer reva has more. well
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we've actually heard from the c.e.o. of gas from alexei miller and he's good meeting with russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev and once again miller said that the ukraine's position is a form of blackmail. the position of the ukrainian side can be described as open blackmail the ukrainian government the prime minister wanted gazprom to allow ukraine to pay an ultra low price for gas like those in the customs union and if such low prices were not granted to kiev in ukraine said it would not pay back its gas that to russia it also said it would take our gas without any payment and in volumes it needs of course such demands are unacceptable for the russian side that's why gas problem and to the prepayment method at ten am this morning we also know that ukraine's prime minister arseniy yatsenyuk has imposed a state of emergency on the country's energy sector of course now has to pay up front if it wants any gas of from russia the price that russia was offering is three hundred eighty five dollars for thousand cubic meters even the e.u.
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energy chief said that the price was reasonable but again when it comes to ukraine's prime minister he doesn't want to pay any more than the price that was agreed with the previous leadership in ukraine before february's who so right now since both sides are can't agree on the price or take matters to the international court ukraine is accusing russia of playing political games or russia simply looking to get its money back now of course as we know many you're kicking in countries there dreading this period right now because they don't want to see a repeat of what happened in two thousand and six and two thousand and nine and that's when ukraine was called siphoning off gas and time that for them through its transit pipelines and since of course we know that many european countries depend heavily on russian gas their concerns are understandable but right now the ball is in kiev scored and already we know as i said that many european countries are worried that we will see ukraine siphoning gas off of them since they can't get their hands on mars. i was artie's marina cosa reva. well some are calling it an
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immigration catastrophe a surge of thousands of immigrants illegally crossing over the us mexico border most of the new migrants are children from central america and while various media organizations from around the world are questioning what's going on we're now learning that finding the answers to those questions may prove difficult according to an e-mail obtained by the associated press border patrol agents in texas have been instructed not to speak to media outlets the e-mail which was written by an assistant patrol agent orders more than three thousand border personnel not to speak to reporters about the humanitarian crisis e-mail allegedly went on to warn agents that they could be disciplined or even charged with a crime if they speak to the media as the obama administration struggles to accommodate the massive surge of immigrants vice president biden is adding a stop in guatemala to
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a planned trip in latin america this week to discourage parents from sending their children to the u.s. on friday he's expected to emphasize that illegal immigration is not safe while meeting with top officials representing one of mala salvador and honduras. and now to guantanamo bay where the most infamous prisoners at the u.s. detention center are back in front of a military judge today khalid shaikh mohammed along with four other prisoners accused of planning the september eleventh attacks are facing the death penalty a military judge convened an unusual two day pretrial hearing today to gather information about accusations that agents have been questioning staff of the defense team is a development that could create another delay in an already prolonged case earlier i spoke to megan lopez who attended a special media viewing of the hearing from a military base in fort meade maryland first asked her to talk about why this trial continues to be delayed. so this is being called the most complex terrorism trial
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in the united states history what we have going on in guantanamo bay cuba is that five us separate defendants all nine eleven coconspirators charge with the five a separate defense teams so first of all those five separate defense teams play into how long this trial is taking because as you can imagine a single trial with a single defense team has their own arguments to make so you're talking about five of them also they're being charged for the deaths of two hundred ninety seven two thousand nine hundred seventy three people in the september eleventh attacks so obviously there's a lot of evidence to go through there are two hundred ninety three thousand unclassified pages of evidence to go through along with the numerous exhibits one hundred ninety in all as well as the testimony already of twenty two witnesses so what has happened and what has been going on this whole time is since there may twenty twelve arraignment there have been ten different pretrial kind of hearings we're seeing the next kind of slew of them they stopped off in april and they can
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get into why they stopped off but obviously it's just taking a long time because there are a lot of procedural hearings that need to happen first so not as to to slow down the trial when it actually does start taking place and obviously vs being a civilian court this is a military commission which has much more stringent guidelines when it comes to how these procedures work and exactly what steps need to be taken while talking about these alleged conspirators who are these five men that are on trial so all of these are the nine eleven coconspirators obviously of helping plot to complete the nine eleven terror plot the most notable of which is obviously going to be the nine eleven mastermind or so-called mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed along with him in that courtroom as the stuff we he is described as a nine eleven financier and facilitator also m r all baluchi he's described as a find a nine eleven facilitator who engaged. in helping
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a range the travels of thirteen of those nine eleven hijackers also with them as well leave that out tosh he's described as a nine eleven facilitator he actually helped case the airport security in the united arab emirates to help those those hijackers get onto a plane that would eventually end up in the united states and finally we have ramzi bin al s'shibh he's described as the nine eleven quarter nater who really put all of those efforts all of the coordination into play and getting everyone on the same page for this terror plot and making you were at especially hearing at fort meade watching this all go down what happened today. so today has been described as a very special type of pretrial hearing under investigation right now is whether or not the f.b.i. did in fact conduct investigations that resulted in them questioning members of the defense team so the defense teams found out in april that four members of the
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various defense teams might have been questioned by the f.b.i. now those defense teams the people that were question were not lawyers after this point we do not know what the investigation was trying to uncover we do not know who was the target of this investigation we don't know what they found if anything what we do know right now is that the f.b.i. investigations are allegedly over or so says the prosecution there are no current investigations going on and that none of those investigations were against the lawyers themselves but the reason the lawyers are making such a big deal out of this is that they say that this is having a chilling effect one of the lawyer says that he actually put off a trip to the middle east for a fact finding mission because he was afraid that he could be seen as some type of a conspirator himself so they said this is a major chilling effect and they want to know what is going on so what these defense lawyers are asking for is for f.b.i. agents to testify to the court on the on the record under oath about what exactly
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this investigation was trying to get out these two separate investigations and as i understand there was actually an increased media presence at this trial at guantanamo bay where is the surge in media interest coming from here. well obviously we're seeing a surge now we're seeing a surge both here in fort meade there about double the amount of reporters that i've seen here but also a good time obey one time obey actually had to switch planes that usually sends a little charter jet over carrying journalists who want to go and attend those those guantanamo bay hearings in person they have to switch to a c. seventeen cargo jet to accommodate the fifteen journalists that have now asked to go over now what this all results from as you can imagine is the major conflict that arose from the vote for a dollar a prisoner swap where he was swapped for five taliban members to qatar so there was
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a lot of tension a lot of interest in this congressional members were not informed that that swap was happening chuck hagel just testified last week saying that the reason that they weren't notified was because there just wasn't enough time there was too much risk and too much uncertainty in order to be able to warn congress that that was happening so congress is very interested in this journalists are very interested in this and admittedly the public is becoming more interested in the ongoings that went on i'm ok also as i mentioned these trials have been held up since april ever since this f.b.i. kind of investigation came to light so this is the first time in quite a while that we've seen these five people including khalid shaikh mohammed with his orange iconic beard in the courtroom and one of them is actually participating in a hunger strike that was interesting to kind of see his demeanor. now is our chief correspondent megan lopez. all right well as still secret reports from a former nixon aide confirms what many have already suspected of president richard nixon and campaign manager john mitchell sabotaged the n.r.
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more peace talks in order to win the one nine hundred sixty eight elections and an oral history released by the national archives nixon white house aide tom charles huston elaborated on the president's involvement he said over the years as i've studied it i've concluded that there was no doubt that nixon what was would have been directly involved that it's not something that anybody would have undertaken on their own huston created a report under orders from the nixon white house to look into allegations that president lyndon johnson had bugged the nixon campaign and holt's of the bombing of north vietnam all in an effort to fuel peace talks and orchestrate a quote october surprise to help the democratic candidate hubert humphrey win the election report concluded that not only was l.b.j.'s white house guilty of bugging the nixon campaign but then nixon and mitchell played an active role in the railing a peace summit in paris by promising south vietnam better terms if they had heard
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the peace talks nixon's obstructions sparked president johnson to accuse nixon of treason to republican senator everett dirksen of illinois in this private recording take a listen. are far from being some of the your charlie are going to remember here amber frey. for years in order. that your are more aware of the star complex you are barrymore and they were i don't know how to get their family camp right and they are going to be darn barrister's creatures. why has it taken so long for this information to finally be released while he hasn't had this to say about nixon and johnson i think there was an implicit understanding between two very politically sophisticated people who had been in there are enough for a very long time to say hey look this thing is over you know neither one of us are going to gain anything by stirring up this pot so there you have it forty years
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later and still a lot to learn about the nixon presidency which of course ended in his impeachment and that does it for now you can also follow me on twitter at n.p.r. david stay tuned axed. to the week. on the air and in the financial world. to see these developments i mean i'm starting to see them slowly taking to. me like there are a. some
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people say that when it happens to someone in time and not a very nice one the curtain falls down. if it's some point i could no longer stand it i decided to kill myself. all of even i was scared of what i'd done but i punched it but i didn't understand where i put it when i'm enraged says the woman should. run from him. everyone who sees this video to also speak to the children's father. my husband became a controllable that he couldn't do anything. crying don't cry i know i'm tired of crying too don't.
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